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-Dusk- -Dusk-

Rated 0 / 5 stars


This isn't cool. You create this game, and not even ONE SINGLE MENTION of Braid? It would be nice for you to mention your inspirations and the source of your ideas at least, and give credit where it's due. (Seeing as the gameplay is pretty much identical...)

Besides that, the game is very well made. I don't vote, hence I just put No Stars all the time.


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Jump Peak Jump Peak

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Really loving the Glitch Hop sound to this and stuff! Sounds like something I'd play at a gig sometime. Keep up this kind of stuff! I like ~100 bpm non-4-2-the-floor beats and funky, bass heavy stuff. :)


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jandaman responds:

Thanks bra :) Figured I'd experiment a little more this time!

Timohi - Babulia /Squelchy Mix Timohi - Babulia /Squelchy Mix

Rated 0 / 5 stars

Oi, my summary is too short.

I actually like this remix, just I think it could use a heavier kick, and the bass turned down a BIT. I really like some of the glitches you have going on.

But it needs more contrast, more ups and downs, since the beat gets pretty old, or if you like keeping the beat, then swap out that bass sound once in a while with some really contrasting elements (The lack of reverb gives it a very..."small" and "tight" sound imo).

Really interesting chord changes 2.45+, this part is nice. I think that it's all really good, just the main thing is it lacks contrast. With some breakdowns and quiet/no-beat/ambient parts and build ups, it would give way more POW to the drops :)

Just my opinion though. And I put No Stars because I don't rate tracks, I review them. Judging a track based on a 1-10 level is pretty narrow minded.

Can't wait for the results dude! :)


JPRixdorfer responds:

Thanks for the very constructive criticism!

Putting in more contrast is a thing I really should do. It's hard to find the balance in that: Either it's to boring or it doesn't follow a certain line anymore. Let's see if I can spice it up a little.

As for the lame kick: I suck at mixing and mastering. At the moment I neither have time nor patience to really become better in it. I'll probably open a thread asking for some help there, if Timohi decide to put it on a CD in Lithuania. With some kind of reward of course.

The Chord changes: Actually this is pretty lame and been done to death. But it always sounds good and dramatic :)

Thanks for all!

Pokemon Party Pokemon Party

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


Definitely not my cup of tea, but in terms of production value, overall it's okay, just at come parts the different synths clash and fight over the same frequency space. It's not a huge problem though.

Arrangement was okay, but you have only the typical 8-bit sounds going on, you should get some extra fx in there somewhere, and once in a while open up the space (the whole track is quite dense, having even just a few bars of a really empty sound would emphasize the full parts way more).

The only 8-Bit song I know and actually like is FantomenK - CPU Mood. Check that stuff out :)


Croire responds:

I totally respect your opinion and stuff, but there aren't too many effects I can really apply that would make it more like trancey mainstream stuff because this is all made on my gy good ol' gameboy. Next one will be an improvement though!