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Entry #1

Game Jam 8 - Horror again.

2012-10-15 02:03:24 by PSvils

At first this whole thing was going to be a response to MSGhero, but here's a bit more background on the jam:

I love horror games.
So naturally, with the Cabin In The Woods theme, I decided to go with a horror oriented game that would hopefully at least make a few players tense up.
What format? Well, my reflex answer is always top-down shooter style. I love that.

Some of the tools I had in this Jam as opposed to others though, was NAPE, and experience with getting Flash assets in more comfortably. And I think with those 2 in hand, the Jam went preeetty bland and uninteresting. Everything worked. Everything was coded in an understandable way. The only 2 hiccups I remember from my head were a small rendering bug that was just a stupid mistake on my part, and a few Flash crashes towards the end with the level being so big.

The rendering bug was to do with the background. To have an awesomesauce background, I let the artist go crazy with filters and whatnot, because what I do my instinct by now is render all backgrounds to multiple bitmapDatas, and then just copyPixels the background in.
How level editting worked, is that the background for a level was a Movieclip in the Level's MC with an instance name of "background". That got automagically processed as a background.
Other items were plain old Movieclips or Sprites. All items needed to end in "_item", like "crowBar_item", all switches with "_switch", and all doors with, you guess it, "_door". What my engine did is just removeChild them, and use them in the actual game map.
All item MC's needed another MC inside of them, with a name of "icon". This was removed on level load, and later used when the item appears in your inventory.

I've been working with NicholasDeary now in 3 Jams all together, so I think we know each other's workflow, and I like to believe we both are easy to work with. The whole thing just felt...chill (I didn't feel any panic coming from either side, when we saw we couldn't finish, it was more like an "oh, oopsies..."). If only we would've started earlier, and went more hardcore, then we might have had something.
But what I find funny, is that I've been working on my own engine for the past few months on and off. In the last 3 days, I made something that out shines that with more features, if you don't take into account more complex AI with pathfinding.

Till the next jam! I'll try posting as many WIPs and progress reports on our Jam game as possible!



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2012-10-15 12:50:01

It's cool that you two have worked together each time. That would definitely help for future jams if we know how each other work. Plus if we don't get unlucky again :)

PSvils responds:

We haven't worked together EACH time :)
Once I was with other artists as the programmer, and another I was with MintPaw as a musician! :)